Fears Mount for the Survival of the Government . . .

Fears mount for the survival of the government and its homicidal swamp creatures

Genocide  provokes grass roots revolt as anger spreads like a forest fire

It is becoming more evident by the day that humanity is under attack under the smoke screen of a contrived “public health emergency.” The pseudo-vaccines being foisted on the populace comprise an effective WMD and the arch-facilitators of this attack infest our own subverted government..

As many are now pointing out, this IS World War Three and the casualties are indeed reaching the proportions of armed conflict or a Stalinist purge.

The numbers of deaths and injuries from the vaccines just keep on rising. And that rise is not going to stop. It will not stop even if not one more person is jabbed because the full effects upon those already jabbed may take months to become fully manifest.

As they do it becomes harder and harder for the government to hide, obfuscate or blame on something else the soaring toll of death and illness incurred by the vaccinated – a direct result in other words of its efforts to force on the populace booby trapped biochemical agents.

Very soon those governments are going to have a very upset, disaffected and hostile citizenry on their hands as friends, colleagues, loved ones and children become sick and die in steadily increasing numbers.

The already horrific numbers as yet comprise the relatively small percentage who experience adverse effects in the few days or weeks after the jab: the long term where the majority of the harm will be manifest has yet to be seen.

The vaccines appear to cause two types of illness and a vaccinated person can suffer one or both of them.

The first is a more extreme reaction to any “wild” coronavirus or similar virus the vaccinated person comes into contact with. We are already seeing this: the vaccinated getting more sick than the unvaccinated when they are exposed. This is blamed on the delta variant, which is the mildest variant yet but the reaction o the vaccinated to it, makes it appear more virulent.

The second is the various “non Covid” illnesses such a myocarditis, clots and so forth.

Millions of people are as they get sick, as loved ones die and so on as a direct result of the “vaccines” are going to realise they were lied to, conned, deceived and pressured by their own government that evidently set out to kill them.

Consider for instance what is going to happen to the NHS. Soon it will lose those staff who wisely refuse the killjabs. This will leave us with a service manned only by the vaccinated. The service will soon be hit by a surge of vaxed people suffering extreme reactions to routine bugs in the coming flu season plus all those who start getting sick from heart conditions, blood clots, cancers, autoimmune disorders etc as a consequence of the pseudo-vaccines. These surges will hit an NHS already suffering from the loss of unvaccinated personnel but which will soon suffer from severe shortages caused by its own vaxed staff getting sick.

People are unlikely to forgive the swamp creatures in the corridors of power for this debacle. Hostility towards those who have done this to them will swiftly swell, as it already is doing, the ranks of active revolt.

It becomes harder by the day to justify all this as inadvertence, error or even negligence by idiots. In the face of an unrelenting push that steadfastly ignores horrific death and injury figures and even targets children without a shred of scientific justification, people will see deliberate attack upon them.

It is hard to see how the government can survive this slaughter of its own citizens

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