Your government is doing a wonderful job

. . .

here's how!


by Steve Cook

Following the results of the ongoing mass experiment in which millions of citizens selflessly sacrificed themselves to science, scientists have proven conclusively that the single biggest threat to human life and wellbeing at this time is a virulent entity known as the government.

The following fascinating factoids bring you good news and demonstrate thoroughly that you have LITTLE TO FEAR from anything, which I know will disappoint some people.

The exception, unsurprisingly, to the shortage of things to justifiably fear is the psychopaths who have hijacked the government and are trying to kill the citizenry for the "Greater Good" (the secret Grail of modern medicine sought by globalist nutjobs and other devil worshippers the world over).

So all those who really like to have something to be scared of or fill their days with menace need not despair: whilst covadoodledoo may have failed miserably to fit the bill, your government is doing a wonderful job of providing all the very real threat you will ever need.

You certainly have very little to fear from Covid19, the illness by a remarkable coincidence indistinguishable from colds and flu by such things as symptoms or the PCR test, as the following factoids illustrate.

The alleged surge in "cases" derived from the flawed PCR test, false positives by the bucket load and various tricks and fiddles with the stats for which lying governments are famous is NOT leading to more deaths (see this article ). In fact, actual deaths are running close to zero DESPITE the various tricks used to inflate the deaths stats.

This aligns with the phenomenon known to virologists as Muller's Ratchet whereby viruses mutate in the direction of becoming more infectious but progressively milder. And the current disease being advertised is probably not even as infectious as it has been portrayed. If you need some insight into how the stats are fiddled by the statisticians of the currently popular death cult, then check out the FB Page called John Dee's Almanac, where a retired NHS statistician does a priceless job of explaining how the various statistical tricks and deceits are worked.

As pointed out umpteen times before, alongside this alleged bug becoming progressively milder, KNOWN SAFE AND EFFECTIVE remedies have existed from the outset, were known about by the psycho government, its lying ministers and their corrupt bureaucracy but have been withheld with malice aforethought from thousands of people who needed them but were instead allowed to suffer and sometimes die so that experimental pseudo-vaccines could be marketed.

The experimental pseudo-vaccines, moreover, whilst not actually providing immunity (which is what we have been told relentlessly for decades is what vaxes do) ALREADY in just a few short months have accrued far more adverse reactions and deaths than all other vaccines combined:

" . . . . the number of adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines reported to the MHRA, totalling 1,037,376, are 17.25 times higher than the number of adverse reactions reported to the MHRA to all other vaccines approved since 2010.

" . . . . the number of deaths due to the Covid-19 vaccines reported to the MHRA, totalling 1,440, are over 5 times higher than the number of deaths reported to the MHRA as adverse reactions to all other vaccines approved since 2010.

"This is a frightening figure when you consider the total number of adverse reactions and deaths for the Covid-19 vaccines have accumulated over 6 months compared to the total number of adverse reactions and deaths for all other vaccines approved since 2010 having accumulated over the past 11 years."

[Editor's note. By my math that means Covid vax deaths exceed all other vax deaths by a relative factor of 110 times! And adverse reactions by a factor of just under 400! And we do not yet know how high this will go when the long-term effects on health kick in. These are seriously worrying statistics the gove is determined to ignore and pushed right ahead with trying to inject your children.]]

SOURCE (Early July 2021):

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